Hollie's Blog - Life as a Recruitment Consultant at Nigel Wright Group

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In order to portray a real representation of the culture here at Nigel Wright, we asked some of our Recruitment Consultants to answer a series of questions about their careers and about working at Nigel Wright. 

Our Consultant Hollie McKeon shares what her life was like before Nigel Wright, why she decided to join Nigel Wright and why someone should consider a career in recruitment. 

What is your background?

I was never sure of what I wanted to do when I was younger! I decided to study English Language at University as this was a subject which could offer me the broadest range of skills. I have always enjoyed talking to people and was always drawn to jobs which included a customer-facing element.

What was your first job?

My first corporate role was working in the supply chain team for a manufacturer and stockist of heat exchanger tubes. This is predominantly an exports business and I specialised in working on the South East Asian and French accounts. As the company is a relatively small business, I was involved in the end-to-end supply chain process. I was responsible for bidding for work in the tendering process, sourcing raw materials for manufacture once awarded the project, right through to arranging shipping and export documentation of the complete goods. This gave me great exposure to the supply chain process as a whole and enabled me to learn a lot with regards to the volatile metal market, particularly in materials such as copper and nickel.

Why Nigel Wright?

I was in contact with a consultant at Nigel Wright who was discussing potential roles in procurement and purchasing, and she asked me if I would ever consider a role in recruitment.

This was something I had never really thought about until this point, but I knew it involved a lot of communication between both clients and candidates; an element I really enjoyed in my previous role. I also liked the idea of working towards targets and being in control (to a point) of how successful you are based on the amount of work you put in.

Before joining Nigel Wright, I decided to speak to people who worked in recruitment to get a realistic feel for the job and why they enjoyed it. However, I felt it was even more important to understand the reasons why people who had worked in recruitment but later decided it wasn’t the right job for them.

A lot of people I spoke to explained the reason they didn’t enjoy their time in recruitment had a lot to do with company culture, so I knew it was really important to find an organisation with good values and a positive working environment. At Nigel Wright, I feel strong values are a huge focus and I feel really supported by my team which is massively important to me.

After a thorough interview process with management and directors, I was offered a role within the supply chain and procurement recruitment team. I have been with the company since the start of the year. It is definitely a challenging role at times which comes with both highs and lows, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far.

Why a career in recruitment?

Working in recruitment isn’t a role for everyone, it can be very challenging at times. You must be very resilient, a characteristic which is focused on a lot in the interview process.

It is a great job for someone who enjoys working under pressure and likes a fast-paced environment.  As I mentioned earlier Nigel Wright has strong core values and the collaborative working is something I think is quite rare in a sales environment. I feel very valued as a member of staff and know that our hard work is appreciated, and this is always recognised.

Interested in joining our team?

If you’re interested in becoming a Recruitment Consultant, we’d love to speak to you. Nigel Wright has been the preferred talent partner across the North of England for the last 30 years and we are currently looking for Recruitment Consultants to join our team. Find out more about us by visiting our careers microsite and visiting our internal vacancies page to apply for one of our roles.