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5 top Recruitment Consultant skills for 2022

In order to become a successful Recruitment Consultant, you will need to possess a wide array of skills. We break down these top skills in more detail and demonstrate how these will be used in any typical Recruitment Consultant role. If you are about to embark on a career in recruitment and need help preparing for your interview, our recruitment consultant interview questions and answers article will help you stand out from the crowd and will bring you one step closer to your dream job in recruitment. 

Recruitment Consultant skills

Communication and interpersonal skills

Any Recruitment Consultant worth their salt will be an effective communicator, possessing both strong verbal and written communication skills. A recruiter will spend the majority of their day speaking with clients and candidates, taking the time to understand their recruitment requirements, career aspirations and skillsets. It is therefore of paramount importance that a recruiter is able to listen, as well as provide recruitment and career advice and market themselves and their business. It is this that will give both candidates and clients assurance that the recruiter is capable of finding either the best talent or the best employer for their needs. Working in recruitment requires both the ability and desire to build long lasting relationships, as it is often these connections that result in repeat business and recommendations. A Recruitment Consultant will work with a wide spectrum of personality types and levels of seniority, both internally and externally, and will therefore need to demonstrate strong adaptability skills.

Negotiation and sales skills

Negotiation skills are needed throughout the entire recruitment process. A Recruitment Consultant will have to negotiate fees and an agreed recruitment approach with clients as well as salaries and jobs offers with clients and candidates. A recruiter should look to get the best possible outcome for all parties with a vested interest – something which is no mean feat. A Recruitment Consultant is the face of any recruitment business and should be able to showcase the company’s core competencies, values and track record. A recruitment role is target driven and consultants should therefore be ambitious and driven with a strong sense of self-motivation in order to achieve their sales goals.

Organisation and time management skills

Being able to juggle multiple assignments, clients and candidates is a requirement of any Recruitment Consultant job. Recruiters should simultaneously be looking to fill existing roles for clients they are working with as well as focusing on business development to build a strong pipeline of future work. Dividing time between these two activities is therefore fundamental to becoming a truly successful consultant. Furthermore, Recruitment Consultants will act as the intermediary between clients and candidates, arranging interviews, job offers and general communication between the two parties. In a typical working day, a consultant is likely to have numerous client and candidate meetings (often off-site for clients), candidate update calls, training sessions and regular briefings within their recruitment team and across the wider business. Keeping on top of all of this and adapting to the ever-changing and fast-paced landscape of the recruitment industry is critical.

Teamworking skills

Although recruitment can often sound individualistic, the opposite is actually true. Consultants work extensively with others in their own recruitment team, other recruitment teams and also other departments within the business. Recruitment teams are often broken down by discipline, specialism or locality, making the dissemination of knowledge within these teams vitally important. Recruitment Consultants should be constantly looking for opportunities to cross-sell, winning work for other members of their team as well as those in different recruitment teams. Consultants will often work together on pitches to clients and will recommend candidates to one another as well as passing on leads. Those looking to enter into a career in recruitment should intrinsically enjoy and thrive on working with other people, both internally and externally.

Marketing skills

Although primarily a sales role, Recruitment Consultants should also understand the importance of marketing themselves and their business. They should assume the role of ‘brand ambassador’ and be generous with their industry knowledge and expertise. Social media plays a large part in this, with LinkedIn in particular being a platform which many Recruitment Consultants use on a day-to-day basis. Consultants should be prepared to build up their own online and offline networks and share their own expertise, as well as their company’s news, insights and advice to demonstrate their wider capability. Being clued up on the company branding and the language that is adopted to market the business is important in ensuring any consultant can market themselves and their business effectively.

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