Support Teams

Our central Support teams are integral to the way our business operates internally and externally across the Group.


Our central Support teams are all based at our UK headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne.

These teams serve our whole business and customers throughout Europe and further afield. Each team comprises specialists in different functions. Our support colleagues work closely with everyone in the business and are trusted due to the quality of their expertise and high service standards.

After all, we are one firm that thrives on having like-minded people working closely together. The efforts of our Support teams are valued across the business.


The Marketing team helps build our brand, win new clients, attract candidates and enhance internal communications in diverse markets across numerous countries.

Roles in the team include graphic design and animation, copywriting, social media, email marketing, website development, search engine optimisation, advertising, sponsorship, organising events, and agency management. 

Finance, Payroll & HR

Having offices in 8 countries and trading internationally adds complexity to our operations, specifically around adhering to different financial regulations imposed by the countries we trade with. The Finance team manages this adeptly when administering the company’s accounts, ensuring tight financial management by paying our suppliers and temporary workers, whilst ensuring we get paid too.

The Payroll team ensures our staff are paid for the great contributions they make. Employing staff across Europe requires strict adherence to different legislation in each country. 

The HR team supports the business and our colleagues with evolving HR practices and policies, managing staff training & development programmes, and dealing with the staff payroll.


Robust IT infrastructure keeps our business operating effectively and securely. Our IT team lead the introduction of new technology and its customisation to ensure it adapts to our working practices. They work hard to ensure that everyone can perform in their roles without distraction.