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From Industry Specialist to Recruitment Consultant - Mark Simpson's Journey

We are always looking for people from any industry and level, whether experienced recruiters or not, to join our growing team in the North of England. But it is a common misconception that people believe they need to have experience in recruitment to join our team. Group Executive Director Mark Simpson's career story will prove that you don't have to have any prior recruitment experience to have a successful career in recruitment.

Mark Simpson, Group Executive Director - UK at Nigel Wright Group – previously Operations Manager at RoMEC

What was your role?

Earlier in my career in recruitment I was the Operations Manager responsible from SOP to Product Delivery. RoMEC’s production took place in a fabrication and assembly environment.

What were your frustrations?

I wasn’t exposed to what was happening commercially within the organisation and my experiences and capabilities were not being stretched by those around me.

What ultimately led you to change jobs/leave?

I had got to a stage where I was very comfortable in my role and I was bored. I didn’t want to be doing this in 10 years’ time.

Why Nigel Wright?

Nigel Wright was, and remains, a highly respected business with a strong reputation. The company had a great brand and employed high quality, like-minded people. This built a culture that I wanted to be part of and I knew I would be gaining commercial exposure.

What is the culture like here?

The culture is energetic.  We are team orientated, friendly, highly commercial and have high expectations in performance and customer service. Everyone is always learning and are open and honest with everyone we interact with – whether that’s our colleagues, candidates or clients.

How important are the values?

  • Passion for winning - I love doing my best and want to be around those who want that too.
  • Working collaboratively - The only way for me to work.
  • Integrity – This is critical and must be at all levels in the organisation.
  • Service excellence - This is how we help people – clients, candidates and employees. It is so important.

How has your prior experience benefited your recruitment role?

  • I had some understanding of manufacturing and the various roles within it. This gave me empathy with clients and candidates which helps build stronger relationships.
  • I had worked hard and overcome some tough situations so I felt that I could start from scratch and succeed in a new sector.
  • My previous management experience has helped me stand out in a recruitment sector that struggles to produce good, consistent people managers.

Interested in joining our team?

If you’re interested in becoming a Recruitment Consultant, we’d love to speak to you. Nigel Wright Group is the number one regional recruiter for professionals across the North of England and we are currently looking for Recruitment Consultants to join our team. Visit our careers microsite to find out more and to apply to join our team as a Recruitment Consultant.

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