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From Industry Specialist to Recruitment Consultant - Katherine Hackett's Journey

We are always looking for people from any industry and level, whether experienced recruiters or not, to join our growing team in the North of England. But it is a common misconception that people believe they need to have experience in recruitment to join our team. Principal Consultant Katherine Hackett's career story will prove that you don't have to have any prior recruitment experience to have a successful career in recruitment.

Katherine Hackett, Principal Consultant: Supply Chain & Procurement at Nigel Wright Group – previously Trading Category Manager at national wholesaler for retailers

What was your role?

Trading Category Manager/Buyer Ambient Grocery – Convenience Retail/Wholesale.

What was their culture like?

They are a family-owned business with a long standing workforce and a very traditional approach to work-life balance. There was limited flexibility and autonomy and also limited opportunity to progress.

What were your frustrations?

The company was successful but there was resistance to change, people were given limited autonomy and flexibility, and there was a lack of training.

What ultimately led you to change jobs/leave?

I felt unsupported. There was limited investment in training and induction into the organisation for new starters.  The work-life balance and location for my role was not tenable. I had left my previous longstanding Grocery Senior Buyer role following redundancy, to move into a similar role working for an ex-supplier.  At the time I was concerned that it might not be a long-term move but wasn’t sure of how else I might utilise my skills and experience outside of Grocery Retail/Wholesale.

Why Nigel Wright?

I received an excellent experience with a Managing Consultant at Nigel Wright who had originally suggested that I consider a role within recruitment.  I was impressed with the level of service with which Nigel Wright had provided me as a candidate and was attracted to the opportunity of pursuing a complete career change whilst still utilising my 11+ years’ Purchasing experience.

What is the culture like here?

Friendly, supportive, collaborative, fun, hardworking and rewarding.

How important are the values?

  • Passion for winning – Extremely! I love the fact that everyone celebrates and shares success.
  • Working collaboratively – One of the main factors which attracted me to Nigel Wright. We certainly are one team. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to work upon cross-functional assignments, attend client meetings with consultants from other disciplines and I really value the fact that everyone is so approachable and willing to share advice and support (regardless of their seniority).
  • Integrity - This is vital in building trust between everyone at work and our clients and candidates.
  • Service excellence – I would not have considered a career in recruitment had it:
    • not been for the service I received as a candidate; and
    • been for the value which was placed upon a thorough recruitment process (particularly reassuring for me as it was such a pivotal career change)

How has your prior experience benefited your recruitment role?

I was able to move into the Supply Chain and Procurement Team and instantly have an appreciation of the purchasing process. I was able to speak to clients and candidates with greater integrity and was able to utilise my Supplier Relationship Management skills in building relationships with clients.  It facilitated the career change as I could focus upon gaining market knowledge and training in the Nigel Wright discipline and process, whilst already understanding procurement and related roles.

Interested in joining our team?

If you’re interested in becoming a Recruitment Consultant, we’d love to speak to you. Nigel Wright Group is the number one regional recruiter for professionals across the North of England and we are currently looking for Recruitment Consultants to join our team. Visit our careers microsite to find out more and to apply to join our team as a Recruitment Consultant.

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