Nigel Wright Group Gives Laptops to Charities

Charity laptop donation

(L to R): Joe Clarkson at Clean Slate Solutions, Deborah Hugill at Nigel Wright Group, Beverley Brooks at The Recruitment Junction & Mark Simpson at Nigel Wright Group.

Nigel Wright Group has donated 30 laptops to charities helping ex-offenders to find and retain employment whilst improving their prospects for the future. They will also help children at risk of criminal exploitation.

The laptops will help Clean Slate Solutions to scale up their support services for young adults on Teesside, whilst they will help The Recruitment Junction to support candidates with convictions in the North of our region as well as helping disadvantaged youths.

The Recruitment Junction passed some of the laptops onto the team at Edge North East. This social enterprise works with young people at risk of serious violence, child criminal exploitation, including county lines and gangs. These laptops will be used by young people for education and to apply for jobs.

Beverley Brooks, Founder of The Recruitment Junction said: “We are hugely grateful for Nigel Wright Group’s support. The laptops will help improve the lives of many people and their families. They will be loaned to enable people to complete online training courses, or gifted to people to enable them to gain employment in a home-based job, or used in our office to help ex-offenders. We may also gift one to a family whose child needs a computer for school, but cannot afford one.

“Our experience is that most of our job seekers do not have access to a laptop/desktop. So this really meets a genuine need.”

Joe Clarkson, Head of Employer Engagement at Clean Slate Solutions commented: “Thank you so much. These laptops will be invaluable in helping our candidates with past convictions to gain employment, find a sense of purpose and contribute to society. Having access to these laptops means they can learn and improve digital skills search for jobs, attend video interviews and work from home. This is a total game changer.

“The investment required for this sort of project would be far greater than we can afford, so this is a significant boost to our operational support. Each laptop will make a massive difference in helping people live and work in our communities. Having corporate support from the regions business world is so vital to our progress to continue transforming lives.”

Executive Director, Mark Simpson at Nigel Wright Group explained: “Our people have been enjoying using their expertise and time to support The Recruitment Junction with recruitment, fundraising, marketing and profile raising, whilst introducing their services to clients. Providing these laptops enables these charities to help people in our society in ways we haven’t been able to support so far. We are grateful to Beverley Brooks who founded The Recruitment Junction, for introducing us to Clean Slate Solutions who we have also extended our support to. Providing these laptops is a small gesture from us that, through these organisations, can change many lives for the better.”