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As a temp recruitment agency, we quickly place temp workers within a diverse range of businesses. With strong relationships, market insight and a vast network, our specialist temp recruitment team supply temps working within IT, HR, finance, sales and marketing. Contact our temp recruitment team for help with your recruitment needs or job search, or apply for available temp jobs today.


Why work with us?

  • Our specialist temp recruitment consultants meet, interview and reference-check all of our temporary workers to ensure only the best talent is placed within your business. We only keep the best in our database for recommending to clients;
  • We offer a 4-hour working interview whereby if you are not entirely satisfied with our temporary staff within their first half day with you, you can terminate their contract at no cost to your company;
  • As a temp recruitment agency, we have a database of candidates who are immediately available, with a wide range of skills and experience;
  • We provide a consultative service to clients to engineer solutions to provide the best workforce for your needs;
  • We have been in the market for a long time and can demonstrate intimate market knowledge and understanding of business needs;
  • We have live market insight, keeping in regular contact with candidates and awareness of trends in contract types and day rates;
  • We are clear about the process, managing expectations and identifying any risks involved;
  • We are flexible and knowledgeable about methods of engagement, including addressing areas such as contract notice periods;
  • We provide ongoing aftercare by keeping in regular contact with temp placements to ensure they are motivated and to address any issues;
  • We have a financially sound business with the ability to pay interim workers;
  • We have a seamless payroll processing and reporting system.


Why hire a temp?

Filling the gaps

Temp workers are a flexible solution when a gap needs to be filled within an organisation, whether due to a permanent employee being away on maternity leave or sickness leave or to alleviate the pressures of seasonal demand.

Project work

A project may require additional resource when a specific skillset is needed or to ensure it is completed within a certain timeframe. Capable temps can be brought in to assist permanent staff to meet the needs of the project, improving efficiency and streamlining productivity.

Cost saving

Hiring a temp can often lead to cost savings as hourly rates can be paid rather than a salary. Additional benefits and perks that are available for permanent employees don’t extend to temp employees, making a temp hire more desirable in the short term.

Resource during restructuring

Bringing on temporary staff during a period of restructuring within a company - such as mergers and acquisitions – can help with additional work that will inevitably be created during such a transitional phase.

Alleviating the pressure

Temps can be brought in to alleviate some of the stress that permanent staff may be feeling due to excess work. This can ensure that morale is kept high amongst existing staff and that they are able to dedicate appropriate time to more pressing issues and tasks within their own role.

Permanent opportunities

Although temps may initially be brought into an organisation to fill a gap or to complete a specific project, permanent opportunities may become an option. Having worked alongside the temp employee for several months, a company will have a better understanding of their skillset and cultural fit within the organisation, in comparison to starting the recruitment process from scratch. If there isn’t necessarily a permanent position available at the end of the temp’s contract, the company can still retain their contact details if they would like to approach them with future permanent opportunities. An employer will then already know the skillset and work ethic of the individual, saving them time and money by not having to go through the full recruitment process.


Contact us

Contact our temp recruitment team  for help with your recruitment needs or job search, or apply for available temp jobs today.

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