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Megan Johnson

Senior Consultant
Office: Newcastle upon Tyne

Megan joined Nigel Wright in 2018 and has 3 years commercial experience working in External Sales and Business Development within the construction industry.

Megan specialises in IT contract recruitment working from the Newcastle and Wynyard offices.

  • It's refreshing to work with an agency that doesn't mess you about and gives you the correct information at all times. I always knew what was happening, where I stood and what the next action was. Megan Johnson, who I primarily dealt with, was one of the best consultants I have ever worked with. She was friendly and professional, always gave me the answers I needed and made me feel like she was working on my side. She always followed up on things in the most professional, timely manner and gave me confidence that she had everything in hand. It's wonderful to meet someone who does their job well and actually facilitates a good interaction between an employer and a candidate.


  • Megan provides a very personal service which is a refreshing change in an industry driven by sales and placements. She has taken the time to communicate my progress at every step of the journey, often where other recruiters do not. For example, she let me know when a requirement had been pulled. A very honest, friendly and nice approach to recruitment which is becoming increasingly rare in our results focused industry. I'd highly recommend Megan to any of my contractor friends. Exceptional service