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Nigel Wright Group is a leading specialist executive search firm with a portfolio of clients across the UK and Ireland. We have experienced consultants in each of our offices dedicated to fulfilling interim executive projects. Our search expertise coverers all leadership team appointments, including CEOs and other key C-level positions. Clients benefit from our strong talent networks and sector focus.

If your business needs an experienced leader to manage a critical situation or to provide immediate action and expertise for a specific project, hiring an interim CEO can be a highly effective solution. We support a broad range of enterprises with interim executive search projects. Our client portfolio consists of consumer, industrial, digital & tech, services and public & third-sector organisations.

To discuss your hiring needs and find out more about our interim CEO recruitment capabilities, please contact us directly or use the chat function below to talk with a member of our support team. Prospective senior candidates currently exploring their next executive interim project are advised to send us a copy of their CVs in advance of a confidential career conversation.


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What is an Interim CEO?

An interim CEO is an experienced executive who is hired to provisionally manage a company, usually during a transition period. This may be due to the departure of a previous CEO, a merger or acquisition, or a major restructuring, turnaround or change management project. Interim CEOs are hired for a limited period, usually between three and twelve months depending on the specific need.

Benefits of Hiring an Interim CEO

Immediate Availability of Leadership Expertise

One of the main benefits of hiring an interim CEO is that they can start work immediately. As experienced executives, interim CEOs are accustomed to taking on leadership roles at short notice and can hit the ground running. This is particularly important in situations where a company needs to fill a leadership vacuum quickly or when there is a significant project that requires attention.

Objective Assessment and Analysis

Interim CEOs are often brought in to provide an objective perspective on a company's operations and strategic direction. As an outsider, an interim CEO can provide an unbiased assessment of the company's strengths and weaknesses, and help identify areas for improvement. This is especially valuable for companies that are undergoing change or experiencing operational difficulties.

Cost-Effective Solution

Smaller companies, in particular, may not have the resources to hire a full-time chief executive. Rather than committing to a long-term employment contract and a high salary, a business can hire an interim CEO for a limited period, paying only for the services that are required. Utilising an interim CEO, therefore, can be an invaluable and cost-effective solution for start-ups and SMEs.

Reduced Risk

Hiring an interim CEO can also help to reduce the risk associated with leadership transitions. An interim CEO is someone who has usually been through multiple leadership transitions and has the skills and expertise to manage complex situations. This can help a board of directors to ensure a smoother period of change and reduce the risk of disruptions to the company's operations.

Why use Nigel Wright Group’s Interim CEO recruitment services?

Nigel Wright is a dedicated interim executive search provider delivering interim executive-level solutions to organisations operating in our core sectors across the UK and Ireland. Our strong networks and multidiscipline expertise enable our consultants to locate suitable candidates with the appropriate experience and skills across various professional areas (typically within 48 hours).

We work proactively to identify areas in companies where interim CEOs and other C-suite leaders can add value. Our specialist consultants can help to define the role and responsibilities of the executive interim solution, identify key performance indicators and metrics and provide guidance on managing the transition, as well as give advice on current market and remuneration trends.

Some of the organisations where we’ve placed executive interim talent include:

Searching for an Interim CEO?

If you’re searching for an interim CEO or require advice about any executive interim-related solution, please contact a member of our team via the details below. Candidates can find all the latest permanent and interim CEO jobs on our vacancies page.

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