Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics sector is characterised by continuous innovation and rapidly evolving technologies. In recent times, fluctuations in raw material prices and supply chain disruptions have increased the cost of goods. It’s a complex and fast-paced industry, where products require regular upgrading to lengthen their lifecycles and keep pace with consumer demands.


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Recruiting skilled leaders who can navigate these challenges and achieve sustainable growth, is critical for organisations striving to compete. Our expert Consultants excel at identifying visionary leaders who can drive product development and market penetration. Our networks extend to management positions who lead at implementing efficient cost management strategies without compromising on product quality.

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Client quotes

Communication was excellent throughout the process. I was determined to hire two people as quickly as possible, and the support and flexibility offered by Nigel Wright’s consultant to take calls and provide updates on the process outside of work hours was why we succeeded in getting the candidates we wanted.  Our new directors will provide the level of skill, experience, and communication needed to satisfy customer expectations in a post-COVID world.
Lee Bonniface, Managing Director at De'Longhi

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For me, it's imperative that the recruiter understand exactly what I am looking for and can help finding candidates that perhaps even represent more than I knew I needed for the role. I'm extremely pleased with the result of our recruitment.
Marko Päivärinne, Global Manager, Demand Planning & Logistics at Zound Industries

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