The food industry in France is subject to changing consumer buying habits, rigorous safety standards, and complex supply chains. With food prices at their highest for three decades, companies are addressing strategies to control costs, while improving manufacturing and logistics to meet variable spending patterns. Embracing change without compromising product quality is vital for success.


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Against this background, businesses need leaders who can address market challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. Our Consultants’ experiences of working with food manufacturers across Europe has instilled their industry knowledge that helps them identify strong leaders with the relevant skills to implement changes that different organisation will require.

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Client quotes

The process worked really well from start to finish. The weekly check ins were very helpful but what I thought really exceeded my expectations was the list of candidates and their status. This really helped me understand the stage with each of them. Of course, I am delighted we got to an offer and acceptance so quickly. Thank you again and I am delighted we are now working with you on another role.
Dominic Melliss, General Manager at ZenB

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Thank you for delivering a good recruitment process. I appreciated the professionalism and consistency, and that you continuously drove the process forward.
Viktoria Thormark, Marketing Manager at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks 

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I was pleased to accept the consultant’s help in defining the role, as well as utilise their knowledge about the types of people and companies to target, and at what salary level to pitch the opportunity.  The weekly feedback I received from the consultant on the progress of the search was beneficial. Feedback on candidates was clear, making it easier for me when deciding who to hire. A mixture of different methods of recruitment also left me satisfied that the market was being covered.  
Karl Svanström, Logistics Manager  at Lindt & Sprungli

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