Supply Chain and Procurement

We have a team of expert Consultants for operations talent search who know how to identify people with the necessary skills and ideas for supply chain strategies. Our clients rely on us to provide them with qualified professionals who can adapt to supply chain disruptions and address market changes.

Procurement roles are in demand as global events unsettle supply routes, making cost effectiveness, risk reduction, and supplier variety important considerations. We have the insight to identify the essential qualities in procurement professionals, from strategic sourcing to supplier relationship management.

We utilise our extensive network to introduce skilled procurement specialists who can improve organisations’ operations and build robust supply chains.

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Client quotes

I was keen to take advantage of Nigel Wright’s strong networks and consumer industry expertise to recruit these critical positions. Identifying and attracting global supply chain talent is extremely difficult – the best candidates are in high demand. The ideal candidates would introduce new perspectives and ways of doing things that would enable us to overcome the ongoing challenges of supply chain disruption and cost management.  The new Supply Chain Director’s knowledge of ecommerce and single parcel delivery, as well as implementing new global forecasting systems is advantageous.
Lee Bonniface, Managing Director at De'Longhi

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For me, it's imperative that the recruiter understand exactly what I am looking for and can help finding candidates that perhaps even represent more than I knew I needed for the role. I'm extremely pleased with the result of our recruitment.
Marko Päivärinne, Global Manager, Demand Planning & Logistics at Zound Industries

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