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Salaries in the Netherlands – Salary Benchmarking Guide

We're delighted to launch our 2021 Salary Guide for the Netherlands Consumer Sector. In our latest salary report, we present national average wages in the Netherlands for 70 positions. Salary data is available for Executive/Board Level, SalesMarketingOperationsSupply Chain & ProcurementFinance and Human Resources roles.

The Nigel Wright Salary Report is essential for salary benchmarking in the Netherlands consumer sector. Users of the guide can access up-to-date information on salary scales in the Netherlands. With this data, you can confidently make accurate salary comparisons for attracting and retaining the best talent.

Consumer Sector salary report – Salary ranges for the Netherlands

In our 2021 Salary Guide, job seekers and employees can see how their salary compares to other professionals in their field. Market data included in the report is based on the results of our annual Netherlands salary survey. This type of information is helpful when entering into salary negotiations for a new job in the Netherlands, or a pay rise.

Obviously, challenges remain for consumer goods producers, but it’s encouraging to see that hiring is back on the agenda for Netherlands FMCG companies in 2021. Our timely salary guide for the Netherlands consumer sector will enable companies to stay competitive when hiring, while candidates and staff working in the Netherlands can utilise our data to kick-start their careers in the post-COVID-19 pandemic world.

Compare Dutch salaries by job title


  • Chief Executive Salary
  • Chief Operating Officer Salary
  • Managing Director Salary
  • Executive Director Salary
  • Non-Executive Director Salary


  • Sales Director Salary
  • Head Of Sales Salary
  • Sales Manager Salary
  • National Account Manager Salary
  • Sales Executive Salary


  • Marketing Director Salary
  • Head Of Marketing Salary
  • Marketing Manager Salary
  • Digital Marketing Salary
  • Marketing Executive Salary


  • Director Of Operations Salary
  • Director Of Engineering Salary
  • Head Of Operations Salary
  • Engineering Manager Salary
  • Operations Manager Salary

Supply Chain & Procurement:

  • Supply Chain Management Salary
  • Logistics Manager Salary
  • Procurement Manager Salary

Average Salaries in the Netherlands Consumer Sector

Download the results of our free salary survey for the Netherlands Consumer Sector. We hope you enjoy reading our 2021 guide for salaries in the Netherlands Consumer Sector. Should you have further questions about salary scales, compensation benchmarking or hiring trends, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who would be more than happy to discuss any of the roles presented.

The Nigel Wright Group Netherlands Salaries Report is based on the details we hold on our database. We always attempt to ensure the data we provide is accurate. Salary levels can vary, however, depending on company size, industry sector and the availability of candidates in a specific discipline. The salaries presented are all base salaries, from which you can calculate your gross salary, net salary and monthly salary rates.


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New Salary Report

Netherlands Consumer Sector Salaries Report 2023

This report provides an analysis of salaries commanded by professionals within the consumer sector in the Netherlands.

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