Working Life

We spend a lot of time at work, so what is it like here?


You will be based in Amsterdam with a team that searches for talent across Benelux. We offer hybrid working so people can meet their work commitments while balancing their personal lives when required. We employ high performers and everyone lives our values, so we trust them to do what’s right.

When new starters – whatever their experience – first join us they will spend most of their time in the office with their team. That’s the best way to experience our culture, work closely together, and learn our ways of working.

Creating a great place to work

Informal and busy

It’s informal here. It’s busy. It’s competitive and we want it to be fun. Consultants make a lot of phone calls, meet many clients and candidates, and generate their own business. They have monthly targets to achieve, based on their experience and tenure. Our Managers work closely with each Consultant to help them achieve this.

Each Consultant focuses on a specific discipline and/or sector and location, ensuring clients and candidates always work with experienced and knowledgeable specialists. Personal development is at the top of everyone’s agenda. After all, Managers only succeed if their team succeeds.


We’re competitive and want to win – but in the right way. Not at the expense of our colleagues and never without taking a long-term client perspective. Making mutually beneficial decisions between us and our clients is important. Maintaining client loyalty is always at the forefront of our minds.


It’s hard to keep everyone updated about everything all the time. People want to know different things. When it comes to internal communication, we use different methods in efforts to ensure everyone is kept up to date with what’s important, as frequently as is practical. Feedback from our colleagues says we’ve got it about right.


We believe our approach to teamwork makes us unique within the recruitment industry. And we do it because it works! We generate significant value by openly sharing knowledge, leads and contacts between all our people - within their team, between other teams, across offices and throughout our European network. The team in Amsterdam tends to meet with our team in Dusseldorf to collaborate together.

Likeminded, enthusiastic colleagues make this a great place to work. This is how our people tell us they feel:

Employee engagement survey June 2023

What are the values that are so important?

Our values underpin how we work together and with our customers. Upholding these values helps us succeed together and helps us provide everyone with a great experience.

Service excellence

Our industry is essentially driven by customer experience, and we acknowledge that striving to be excellent in customer service is key to our future success. This includes the service we provide to each other too. 


Honesty and openness are embedded here. We want our people to always try to do the right thing and be straight forward with each other and with our customers.


We recognise that the best solutions can be reached through teamwork and believe in developing and enabling our teams to work closely together to achieve the best results.

Passion for winning

Through our competitive spirit and desire for accomplishment we aim to be recognised as the best at what we do. We are driven to constantly improve how we perform.