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As specialists in interim recruitment, we quickly place interim managers and executives across a diverse range of consumer & FMCG businesses, including CEOs, General Managers and Directors. With strong relationships, market insight and a vast network, our specialist interim recruitment team can help you find the best interim talent for your business or place you in your next interim role. Contact our interim recruitment team for help with your recruitment needs or job search, or alternatively apply for available interim jobs or submit your CV.

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Why work with us?

  • As an interim recruitment agency, we have a database of candidates who are immediately available, with a wide range of skills and experience;
  • We provide a consultative service to clients to engineer solutions to provide the best workforce for their needs;
  • We are proactive and are able to identify areas within a business where an interim manager or executive could add value;
  • We have been in the market for a long time and can demonstrate intimate market knowledge and understanding of business needs;
  • We have live market insight, keeping in regular contact with candidates and awareness of trends in contract types and day rates;
  • We are clear about the process, managing expectations and identifying any risks involved;
  • We are flexible and knowledgeable about methods of engagement, including addressing areas such as contract notice periods;
  • We provide ongoing aftercare by keeping in regular contact with interim placements to ensure they are motivated and to address any issues;
  • We have a financially sound business with the ability to pay interim workers;
  • We have a seamless payroll processing and reporting system.


Why hire an interim manager or executive?

Filling a gap at a senior level

An interim manager operates at a senior strategic or executive level within an organisation. They are typically engaged to deliver a strategic piece of work or to cover a senior post until a permanent hire is placed. Interim managers are highly experienced professionals with niche skills who can step into specific business situations quickly and make a real impact. This could involve leading a team or project due to a sudden absence or departure or simply because existing resources are too stretched to take this on. Equally, interims may be required to take the lead during a period of change or to instigate a new initiative.


Interim managers bring a wealth of experience, having worked on numerous projects across a diverse range of companies. They are often specialists in their field and typically overqualified for the role, allowing them to work completely autonomously with little guidance. Knowledge and expertise will also be passed on from the interim manager to permanent employees, meaning that the employer can reap the benefit of the manager’s appointment long after they have left.


An interim manager can provide an objective viewpoint as they usually have no previous dealings with the employer and are not constrained by company politics. This means that they are able to hit the ground running and focus on key priorities that they have been brought in for.

Results driven

Interim managers are used to being measured and assessed on the return on investment they can deliver during the time they are at a company, meaning that they are driven to deliver real value. This makes them adept at dealing with budgets and working to deadlines, as well as being experienced at working with those at board level due to their honed leadership skills.

Time and cost savings

An interim manager’s breadth of knowledge and skills coupled with the fact that the hiring process usually only takes a few days means that a significant cost can be achieved when working with them. Professional interim managers charge only for days worked with no additional costs going towards National Insurance payments, employee tax or other permanent employee benefits. Employers may only want a manager to join their team for several months during a period of change, for a specific project or to fill a gap and therefore paying a day rate will work out cheaper than hiring a permanent employee.


Contact us

Contact our interim recruitment team for help with your recruitment needs or job search, or alternatively apply for available interim jobs or submit your CV to the relevant consultant .

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