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How we're different

Our clients trust us to quickly attract the highest caliber and most suitable candidates first time – whether permanent or interim.

1. We access candidates that others can’t:

  • We know our market. We have 60+ consultants headhunting across the USA and Europe, having 25,000 annual consumer sector insight conversations
  • Our one-team approach means we share information and candidates
  • We have the most extensive networks that are other people’s headhunts

2. Our customers believe we enhance their employer brand:

  • Our market expertise is unrivalled after 30 years and with hundreds of years’ experience in between our consultants
  • We understand our clients and tell their stories accurately to attract the right candidates
  • We produce market leading candidate attraction campaigns with world class marketing

3. We control the process and manage risk, allowing you to focus on your day job:

  • We take a thorough consultative brief and then deliver on our promises
  • We openly communicate internally and externally so clients’ and candidates’ expectations are met

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We know our markets

Nigel Wright has been the preferred talent partner for the last 30 years.

  • Every consultant operates within consumer subsectors such as food, drink, etc.
  • Our brand is highly regarded in our markets so people listen to us
  • Our one-team culture means we accelerate coverage across our networks
  • We are big enough to have the reach of larger agencies but small enough to provide a personal service
  • Our approach is tailored and bespoke to you
  • We have a market leading Net Promoter Score (65) of ‘world class customer loyalty’
  • Our in-house marketing is world class
  • Candidates associate us with the best opportunities

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Our people are connected throughout the product and services value chain; gaining market insights at every stage and sharing them seamlessly across our consultants.

  • We operate as 1 team
  • We have 1 combined database of the best talent
  • We have 1 P&L so no short term decisions can be taken to the detriment of our customers
  • We have 1 common approach that provides co-ordination and consistency across all markets and disciplines – providing excellent service.

How we're different

Remote hiring and remote working

Employers’ guide to working, recruiting and onboarding people remotely from home

In this white paper, we offer advice and guidance for companies and employees transitioning to a remote working scenario.

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