Working Life

We spend a lot of time at work, so what is it like to be here every day?


Well, the first thing you may want to know is: “Where is here?”

We have hybrid working that fits around each person’s personal work/life balance needs. So you can mix working from home with attending the office. We employ high performers, and everyone lives our values, so we trust them to do what’s right.

That said, it’s vital that new starters – whatever their experience – spend most of their time with their team in the office. That’s the best way to experience our culture, become a part of the team, and learn our ways of working.

Teamwork helps us get the most enjoyment from our working life. To work seamlessly with our colleagues we need everyone to adopt a teamwork mentality.

All of our offices are in prestigious buildings, centrally located, and easy to get to:

Newcastle office

Teesside office

Leeds office

Manchester office

London office

Creating a great place to work

Informal, busy and fun

It’s informal here. It’s busy. It’s competitive and we want it to be fun. Consultants make a lot of phone calls, meet many clients and candidates, and generate their own business. They have monthly targets to achieve, based on their experience and tenure. Our Managers work closely with each Consultant to help them achieve this. Each Consultant focuses on a specific discipline and/or sector and location, ensuring clients and candidates always work with experienced and knowledgeable specialists. Personal development is at the top of everyone’s agenda. After all, Managers only succeed if their team succeeds.


We are a competitive bunch. We want to win – but in the right way. Not at the expense of our colleagues and never without taking a long-term client perspective. Making mutually beneficial decisions between us and our clients is important.  Maintaining client loyalty is always at the forefront of our minds. A few times a year we mix up teams for a business development day of competitions and prizes.


We expect our Directors and Managers to lead by example. They are experts in their chosen discipline and/or sector and have significant market knowledge. This helps make them strong leaders. They provide Consultants with expert advice, coach them in the best ways to build strong relationships and win work, and support them in any aspects of their personal and professional development.


We believe that achieving results isn’t simply about being seen at your desk. It’s about being effective with your time. Yes, it takes some people longer to become effective than others and some people seem to complete more tasks sooner. But we recognise that we need to fit around colleagues’ personal and family commitments.

Many colleagues split their time between working from home and being in the office. Some people need to start/end their working day around their childcare duties and the school run, so we have different forms of flexible working including part-time/reduced hours. We also offer plenty of opportunities to bond with fellow team members through social activities in the evenings – celebrating success is important and we like doing this by going out on the town.


It’s hard to keep everyone updated about everything all the time. People want to know different things. Some people take more notice when they are talked to. Others prefer emails.  When it comes to internal communication, we use different methods to ensure everyone is kept up to date with what’s important, as frequently as is practical. Feedback from our colleagues says we’ve got it about right.


We believe our approach to teamwork makes us unique within the recruitment industry. And we do it because it works! We generate significant value by openly sharing knowledge, leads and contacts between all our people - within their team, between other teams, across offices and throughout our European network – every day.

Likeminded, enthusiastic colleagues make this a great place to work. This is how our people tell us they feel:

Employee Engagement Survey June 2023

What are the values that are so important?

To work here, you need to live and breathe our values. These core values underpin how we work together and alongside our clients and candidates. Upholding these values helps us provide everyone with a great experience.

Service Excellence

Our industry is essentially driven by customer experience, and we acknowledge that striving to be excellent in customer service is key to our future success. This includes the service we provide to each other too.


Honesty and openness are embedded here. We want our people to always try to do the right thing and be straightforward with each other and with our customers.


We recognise that the best solutions can be reached through teamwork and believe in developing and enabling our teams to work closely together to achieve the best results.

Passion for winning

Through our competitive spirit and desire for accomplishment, we aim to be recognised as the best at what we do. We are driven to constantly improve how we perform.

Connecting great people to great opportunities in the community

We facilitate and encourage our colleagues to use their skills and abilities to help people less fortunate than themselves in our wider society.

This is directed in three main areas:

  1. By focusing on social mobility, helping the disadvantaged find work and supporting communities.
  2. Coordinated fundraising for Cancer Research UK, helping future generations with their cancer treatments.
  3. Personal contributions to communities where our colleagues live.

Social mobility

We use our skills to improve people’s employability, whether they are students beginning their careers or ex-offenders trying to make a new start.

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Fundraising for Cancer Research UK

As a Group, we raise funds for Cancer Research UK (CRUK) to help combat the effects of cancer. Since 2014, we have raised over £125,000 for the charity. Every year we organise for any of our staff to participate in walking or running the Yorkshire 3 Peaks – a marathon across the hills.

We fly our colleagues in from Europe and fund the whole trip, so everyone taking part can concentrate on improving their fitness and fundraising. Up to 40 people participate each year, and raise over £20,000.  Our combined efforts led to CRUK awarding us their Corporate Charity Fundraiser of the Year 2024.

Winner of CRUK's 2024 Flame of Hope Awards for Corporate Charity Fundraiser of the Year.

"£125,000 is making a huge difference; not just today, but for many years to come. Thank you!"
Nicky McKenna at Cancer Research UK

Cancer research Yorkshire 3 peaks group photo

Personal contribution

We are proud of our colleagues who help numerous charities and causes in their spare time.