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Job creation continues to increase in the UK, as businesses leverage a post-pandemic environment characterised by high demand for consumer goods and a workforce keen for change after the turbulence and transformation of the last two years.

In January, UK manufacturing output grew at the fastest pace in six months, while both permanent and interim vacancies surged. Top-line figures suggest the unemployment rate has now returned to pre-pandemic levels, and around a third of UK employees plan to change jobs in 2022 – driven by a desire for new challenges as well as greater flexibility in their working lives moving forward.

Real pay has, of course, fallen for the first time in over a year. And the cost of living is a concern for consumer firms, as a curtailing of discretionary spending will inevitably stall the persistent growth companies – including those in food and drink production, household appliances, fashion and accessories, electronics, homeware, and furniture – have enjoyed over the past year.

The Nigel Wright Group 2022 UK Salaries Report is based on the details we hold on our database. Whilst we make every possible attempt to ensure the data we provide is accurate it should be noted that salary levels can vary depending on company size, industry sector and the availability of candidates in a specific discipline. The salaries quoted are base salaries.

Nigel Wright Group, like the UK consumer industry at large, is in a great position to succeed in a post Covid world, and we are confident that we can achieve much more as an independent company.

We hope you enjoy reading our 2022 UK Consumer Industry Salaries Report.

UK Consumer Sector Salaries Report 2022

UK Consumer Sector Salaries Report 2022

This report provides an analysis of salaries commanded by professionals within the consumer sector in the UK.

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