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Are you considering a career in temping? We outline the potential benefits and opportunities that a temporary role could have on your life, career and CV.



Temping allows for a degree of flexibility that a permanent role is unlikely to offer. If you need to focus on educational studies whilst also generating income to support this, temping is likely to be sensible solution. There are many temps out there who will work for only 6 to 9 months a year to focus on other aspects of their life. Becoming a parent or a carer may also influence a person’s decision to look for temporary work.


Gaining experience

Temping can provide an opportunity to gain experience quickly by learning new skills and expertise from a variety of roles across numerous businesses and industries. Whilst a permanent role is likely to mean that you only experience one business culture over several years, temping can open doors to a whole range of cultures, attitudes and challenges to help boost your breadth of knowledge and experience.


Testing the water

If you’re looking to work in a new industry or role, temping can allow you to test the water before you take the plunge and commit to a permanent position. It is often difficult to gain a good understanding of what it’s like working day-to-day at a company based purely on an interview – temping can ensure that you get an accurate picture of a firm’s culture, ways of working and the people that you will be working alongside without having to commit to a permanent contract. This in turn can maintain good relations with employers as they would rather have someone completing a temporary contract over someone who joins and leaves a permanent position within a short amount of time. If the role or company doesn’t feel like the right fit for you, you can simply move on to your next temp role.


Temp to perm

Temping gives professionals the opportunity to showcase their skillset, attitude and drive to an employer who may be looking to fill a permanent role. The employer might not have even previously considered making the role permanent, but this can provide you with a perfect opportunity to convince them to do so. Employers are more likely to offer a permanent role to a candidate who has already demonstrated their abilities and ambition over someone who still must go through the recruitment process and has had no previous experience working in the company. Having previously temped at the company will have also allowed you to go through the onboarding process without having to experience the discomfort of a probationary period, making the process more enjoyable.


High demand

Organisations are increasingly looking for temporary hires to help them meet an immediate need, work on a specific project and fill in gaps in their workforce. Contractors can bring a high level of skill and knowledge in their chosen field that highly appeals to employers looking for additional resource and expertise outside of their existing staff.



We work with plenty of temps who thoroughly enjoy this way of working. Many say that it suits their personality type as it allows them to meet a wide variety of people, picking up new skills and expertise along the way.  It enables them to have a certain work/life balance that means they can choose to switch off from work when they wish to focus on other goals, experiences and lifestyles.


Working with an agency

Working with a recruitment agency like Nigel Wright can be an extremely effective way of getting the most out of your temp career. Building a rapport with a Recruitment Consultant will mean that they have an intimate understanding of your skillset, professional aspirations, goals, likes/dislikes and personality - all crucial elements in helping find the best temp roles for you. Agencies are aware of the latest temp opportunities and have established key relationships with employers who recruit on a temporary basis, giving them a unique insight into the company’s culture and ways of working. Consultants act as a middle-man, hand picking suitable opportunities for you and filtering out roles that don’t fit your needs, so you don’t have to.


Why choose to work with Nigel Wright?

Here at Nigel Wright we have a team of dedicated consultants who work exclusively in the North East temp market.

Our team work with our temp candidates to provide:

  • Temp opportunities with many clients across the North East, ranging from SMEs to large corporates for finance, HR, sales and marketing roles
  • Live market insight, keeping in regular contact with candidates and making them aware of trends in contract types and day rates;
  • Clarity about the process, managing expectations and identifying any risks involved;
  • Flexibility and knowledge about methods of engagement, including addressing areas such as contract notice periods;
  • Providing ongoing aftercare by keeping in regular contact with temporary candidates during placement to ensure they are motivated and to address any issues;
  • A seamless payroll processing and reporting system.


Click below to find out more about our temporary recruitment team, including contact details and candidate testimonials.

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