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Former McLaren engineer relishing new challenge at the forefront of automation

October 16th 2018

Former McLaren engineer takes up new challenges with leading engineering company Tharsus which is at the forefront of automation.

Automation and its impact on employment

October 10th 2018

Automation will increasingly impact the world of work during the next few years but which areas and careers are most likely to be affected?

The highest lean manufacturing standards toast Accolade Wines’ success

October 5th 2018

Europe’s largest wine warehouse and distribution centre Accolade Wines’ celebrates its recent successes thanks to General Manager Richard Lloyd. Read more.

Body & Fit builds Glanbia’s ecommerce expertise

October 1st 2018

We caught up with General Manager Richard Moore, on Glanbia’s acquisition of Body & Fit and how the company helped build Glanbia’s ecommerce expertise.


August 10th 2018

We review the 9 major ecommerce trends that are driving growth in the consumer industry as well as exploring the impact these trends will have on future employmen

Challenger Mindset Driving Asahi's European Expansion

July 24th 2018

Japanese food and beverage manufacturer Asahi is Europe’s third largest brewer, with revenues close to €2billion, 1,900 employees and customers in 80 markets.

Competency Based Interview Questions: A Hiring Manager's Guide

July 19th 2018

Competency based interview questions are said to be the most effective way to determine whether a candidate is suitable for a role, but are they always relevant?

How customer behaviour is accelerating augmented reality

June 29th 2018

Hollis approached the body. That wasn’t there. But was. Alberto was following her with the laptop, careful of the cable. This is the moment in William Gibson’s 2007 novel, Spook Country, when the characters approach the body of actor, River Phoenix..

People and management development the key to growth

June 4th 2018

Eight years since joining Nigel Wright, Richard Morgan’s sights are still firmly focused on expanding the regional business of the North East’s largest recruiter, while developing his own successful career at the firm.

North East aviation specialist announces new CEO following Nigel Wright led search

May 29th 2018

The County-Durham manufacturer which last year became part of the Baird Capital Portfolio Company has welcomed Mike Richards as CEO of CAV Systems, incorporating CAV Ice Protection and CAV Advanced Technologies.

New CIPD Cumbria Chair tackles membership engagement

May 25th 2018

“It’s about championing Cumbria and reminding people where we are on the map.” It’s clear that CIPD Cumbria's Chair, Melanie, has ambition for the organisation, but how easy is it to achieve?

New research points to traditional attitudes of Millennials

May 23rd 2018

The perception that Millennials reject traditional jobs and 9-5 lifestyles and instead seek out roles they can build themselves and align with personal interests is a common one, but does it accurately portray an entire generation?

Challenging bias in hiring practices

May 18th 2018

Desmond O'Brien, the Head of the London office at Nigel Wright, shares his views on gender bias and age discrimination.

Decentralisation at the heart of Stokke’s transformation

May 9th 2018

Stokke's recent success over the years doesn't mean their work is done. CEO Jacob Østerhaab states they still have lots to do as he strives for the company to achieve greater quality, grow faster and have a higher pace of product development.

Great Ideas for Building Your Employer Brand

April 12th 2018

This free whitepaper discusses the current 'problems' with work and how positive employer branding initiatives can help to address these issues. Real business case studies provide practical approaches on how to build your employer brand.

Sabbatical allows recruiter to pursue her passions overseas

April 5th 2018

Carina Hultgren, a Consultant in the Norwegian division at Nigel Wright, shares her experiences of continuing her charity work overseas thanks to an offer of extended leave.

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2018 - Euromonitor International Report

March 21st 2018

Euromonitor International's report considers the top 10 global consumer trends that will reign around the world in 2018.

Port reaping the rewards of value added thinking

February 26th 2018

CEO Martin Lawlor puts Blyth on the map as he states it is one of the UK's fastest growing ports.

Supporting role

February 22nd 2018

Managing consultant Chris Kent joined Nigel Wright in 2015 to set up the sales and marketing service at the recruitment firm’s new Wynyard office. His line manager is associate director Ben Debnam, who is based in Newcastle.

Investment in people and infrastructure for the UK’s largest care home provider

February 22nd 2018

HC-One's CFO, David Smith, discusses new job creation, expansion and investment in staff development and training at the UK's largest care home provider.

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