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Coaching people through the change rollercoaster

October 19th 2020

Leaders of change need to be coached themselves in order to be able to implement change strategies effectively. This article by Claire Walton from ‘Leaders are MAD’ explores coaching people through the change rollercoaster.

Nigel Wright Group MBO

October 13th 2020

The Executive Directors at Nigel Wright Group have recently completed a management buy-out as a result of a wider corporate restructuring exercise which was supported by the existing majority shareholders.

Creating Business Resilience

October 9th 2020

We organised a webinar for our IT Leadership network to address assessing their business’s resilience for known and unknown threats. This article features expert insights and experiences in establishing robust defences.

How B2B marketing functions have adapted their digital capabilities

September 25th 2020

How have marketers been developing digital effectiveness during lockdown? We arranged a discussion for B2B marketing leaders to discuss this topic, share best practice and build their networks.

Proactive and supportive 121 discussions

September 16th 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues well into 2021, helping identify and support employees with mental health issues is vital. A critical aspect of providing early support for employees is through having proactive and supportive 121 discussions.

How technology has changed how we work

September 14th 2020

The advent of lockdown was the catalyst for significant changes to how technology teams were perceived - the response of the IT team played a critical part in helping employees work from home.

The role of HR in the post-COVID workplace

September 6th 2020

As we look towards the future, the role of the HR professional has never been more important. We hosted a session in partnership with PwC for HR Leaders and discovered 4 key themes that HR professionals should follow in the future.

Amazon delivering on preparations to enter Sweden

August 26th 2020

As Amazon prepares to launch in Sweden, we take a look at the challenges the company will have to overcome as well as the challenges it could present to other local players.

Future Skills for Successful Careers

August 16th 2020

Our Principal Consultant, Philippe Weissenburg, was asked to present at a video conference about the future skills that employees need to be successful in their jobs.

How Sales Leadership is Changing in 2020

July 22nd 2020

We hosted a discussion forum where 19 Sales Directors and business owners shared their insights to reveal six key sales leadership trends for this year.

Nigel Wright Recruitment helps Gentoo Group recruit two North East business women to its board

July 8th 2020

We are delighted to have placed two of the North East's leading business women, Claire Long and Dianne Sharp, as Group Board members at Gentoo Group.

Strategic Financial Planning: Businesses must look to the future

June 3rd 2020

Business leaders and CFOs in the North East must begin to shift their focus from the initial seismic impact of the coronavirus pandemic to planning strategically for the future.

A simple process for recharging your Leadership Resilience during tough times

April 14th 2020

Overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 - refreshing sense of purpose, reframing the current challenges, adapting with confidence and building social support.

Working from home tips: how to stay healthy and happy when based at home

March 31st 2020

Home working is no longer an occasionally luxury but a permanent reality – at least for the next few months. Because of this, employees require working from home tips to help them adapt to this evolving situation.

Tools and tactics for managing remote teams

March 25th 2020

If remote working scenarios continue to become ‘the norm’ for businesses, leaders need to adapt their management style and approach. We consider the best ways for you to excel at managing remote teams.

Working at home with kids: how to achieve a healthy work-life balance

March 25th 2020

We review the best strategies for maintaining productivity – and your sanity – while working at home with kids.

Remote hiring: 5 ways employers can adapt the recruitment process

March 23rd 2020

Remote hiring requires companies to adjust key elements of the recruitment process, update employee policies and invest in relevant technologies. In our latest article, we share 5 ways employers can adapt the recruitment process for remote hiring.

Remote onboarding in 2020: An essential guide for companies

March 22nd 2020

Businesses of all sizes are finding creative ways to onboard remote workers. In our latest article, we share some tips from our Recruitment Consultants and clients to ensure your remote onboarding process is a success.

Video conferencing software: 5 platforms to get you started in 2020

March 19th 2020

As flexible working becomes increasingly more popular around the world, video conferencing does too. In this article, we consider some of the best available tools for connecting remote employees and mitigating against unexpected disruptions.

Essential video interview tips for candidates: A 2020 guide

March 18th 2020

While this technology helps recruiters simulate a traditional face-to-face interview, candidates should be aware that different preparation is required to ensure their video interview is a success. Read our article to view our video interview tips.