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From Industry Specialist to Recruitment Consultant - Megan Martin's Journey

We are always looking for people from any industry and level, whether experienced recruiters or not, to join our growing team in the North of England. But it is a common misconception that people believe they need to have experience in recruitment to join our team. Recruitment Consultant Megan Martin's career story will prove that you don't have to have any prior recruitment experience to have a successful career in recruitment.

Megan Martin, Consultant – Supply Chain and Procurement at Nigel Wright Group – previously a Captain in the British Army

What was your previous role?

I have recently left the British Army as a Captain and my previous role was at the Army Foundation College Harrogate. There I was responsible for a troop of 48 recruits, all under the age of 18. My responsibilities included management of the training team, training recruits, mentoring, reporting and any other responsibilities that came with looking after 48 teenagers.

What ultimately led you to change jobs/leave?

The main reason was that I did not want to live away from home Monday – Friday. I would commute to work on a Monday, stay all week and commute back on a Friday which wasn’t a long-term lifestyle I wanted to keep up.

Why Nigel Wright?

When I started looking at potential careers my friend suggest recruitment. It ticked all the boxes for me regarding the responsibilities. A few of which are: people, working autonomously on my own projects (jobs) but still part of a great team, great working location, job satisfaction which I get from placing a candidate in their dream job and, most of all, reward and recognition for my work.

The thing that stood out from Nigel Wright was how they value their people. You can have the best database or process in the world, but you’re nothing without the people to operate it. The way Nigel Wright talked about its employees really stood out to me. Throughout the interview process I met so many people. They know their people are the greatest thing they have to offer. It was important to me to work for managers and a company that appreciates me.

What is the culture like here?

The best way to describe the culture at Nigel Wright is warm. Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting in person has been great. There is such a good vibe in the office and everyone generally has your best intention at heart. We are a company filled with a huge variety of people that have different hobbies and interests but the one thing that unites the company is the values and the genuine drive for everyone to be excellent at everything we do. I just love that kind of environment and working with people likeminded to me.

How important are the values?

The values are extremely important to me. Values and standards have been part of me and my leadership for the last 5 years whilst serving in the military. I love that I have come to a company that upholds the importance of values. I think it creates cohesion amongst a team.

  • Passion for winning – my goodness are we a competitive bunch but in a healthy and motivating way.
  • Working collaboratively – I don’t think I have ever struggled with anything whilst working at Nigel Wright. There are years of experience (some even have more years in recruitment that I have living, not mentioning names!) and always someone who is more than happy to assist.
  • Integrity – This is also one of the British Army’s values and one that has stuck with me throughout everything. I think it is so inviting to work for a company where everyone has integrity.
  • Service excellence – This links into my job satisfaction, I think you can under-estimate the impact you can have on someone’s life when you find them their dream job or in helping a manager take on the perfect addition to their team. My goal is to be there every step of the way, as a professional, making their lives easier throughout the entire process. Let’s be honest, anything that makes our lives that tiny bit easier is welcomed with open arms these days.

How has your prior experience benefited your recruitment role?

I think my previous role has prepared me for understanding people and their busy lives, wants and needs. Having a great understanding of these can ensure you are the best at your job and you know what a candidate or client is looking for. My previous role has given me the perspective to approach a problem or project with a thorough understanding of everything impacting it, before finding your final solution.

Interested in joining our team?

If you’re interested in becoming a Recruitment Consultant, we’d love to speak to you. Nigel Wright Group is the number one regional recruiter for professionals across the North of England and we are currently looking for Recruitment Consultants to join our team. Visit our careers microsite to find out more and to apply to join our team as a Recruitment Consultant.

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