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North East Engineering & Manufacturing Salary, Skills and Benefits Report 2019

Nigel Wright Recruitment’s 2019 North East Engineering & Manufacturing Salary, Skills & Benefits Report is the most comprehensive report about what engineering and manufacturing professionals in the North East are earning and what benefits they are enjoying from their employers. The report covers/includes:

  • Job satisfaction & changing jobs
  • How engineering and manufacturing professionals look for jobs
  • Basic engineering and manufacturing salaries, bonuses and benefits
  • Skill shortages within engineering and manufacturing
  • Engineering and manufacturing recruitment efforts by employers
  • Personality traits of engineering and manufacturing professionals
  • Average engineering and manufacturing salaries by job title
  • Engineering and manufacturing career pyramid

Nigel Wright’s annual salary survey questionnaire is sent to over 30,000 professionals at all levels across the North East of England. This report has been compiled from the answers of people identifying themselves as having an engineering or manufacturing discipline.

The value of UK manufacturing salaries was £390 billion in 2018, and contrary to widespread perceptions, UK manufacturing is thriving, with the UK currently the world’s eighth largest industrial nation. The North East of England, celebrated for its industrial heritage, currently has a 126,000-strong workforce in manufacturing and 64,000 specialist workers in the advanced manufacturing sector. In addition, the regional universities produce an average of 51,000 science, technology, engineering and mathematics students every year.

Today, manufacturing makes up approximately 15% of the North East economy, and the North East is in the top five UK regions for advanced manufacturing. The region has proportionally more businesses in manufacturing - 10.5% against 7.7% nationally - and in 2018, the growth in the number of businesses massively outstripped what was happening nationally; a 14.2% growth, versus a national fall of 0.5%.

The North East has a strong presence in sectors such as car manufacturing, rail, electronics, chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, and growing strengths in science, digital, energy and healthcare. From food and drink, to chemicals production, the North East has some of the UK’s highest grossing manufacturing industries, and obviously requires a highly skilled labour force for these businesses to operate and grow. International companies such as Nissan, Hitachi Rail, Caterpillar, Nestle, GSK and Siemens have all invested in the region and expanded their operations, and with that expansion comes the need for an appropriately experienced and skilled workforce.

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