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Career Planning

Career planning

People’s careers can be ever-changing and there's no longer such a thing as a ‘job for life’. This means that career planning needs to be a frequent, dynamic process of self-awareness, planning and development.

There are different steps that you should take in order to complete this process:

Start with yourself

  • What is your career experience to date?
  • Think back to achievements that have made you feel proud.
  • Consider what you have been praised for both in your past work life and in your life outside work.
  • Ask what other people think are your talents? You might be surprised.
  • What are your most ambitious thoughts?

Identify trends within the market

  • What is currently happening in the market that you are working in? Are there developing areas on which you could capitalise?
  • Talk to your contacts to understand the current activity within your sector and region.

Plan ahead

  • Think about where you would like to be in five years’ time.
  • Consider what you will need to achieve in order to get to this position.

Equip yourself for the future

Given your career ambitions and aspirations, what gaps are there in your skills and experience? Find out more about the core skills that are needed to succeed in each discipline: Sales skills, HR skills

What can you actively do to develop yourself to meet your future aspirations?

Salary Report

North of England Salaries Report 2022

This report provides an analysis of salaries commanded by professionals across the North of England.

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