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Aneesha's Blog - Life as a Recruitment Consultant at Nigel Wright

Our Leeds-based Principal Consultant Aneesha Buck shares her journey with us so far in this blog. She shares her previous work history, how that has helped her in her role at Nigel Wright, and why she enjoys being part of our team. 

"I have worked for some great businesses in my time and with some inspiring people.  My agency experience has always been in Healthcare and the people I have spoken to in this time (which will be in the 10’s of thousands by now) all make this wonderful sector what it is….great!  The amount of new and exciting medical devices and drugs that have been developed in the UK which are changing patient outcomes and mortality is just astounding.

"As you can tell, I am very passionate about this sector, which is why halfway through my career, I decided to work directly for one of the largest Wound care and Orthopaedic manufacturers in the world.  I helped to recruit a new profile of Sales individuals to take the company to the next stage. I looked at different competencies and assessment techniques and as a team, partnering with HR and senior management, we managed to achieve the highest retention rates in years!

"So how do you become a good in-house recruiter? You attend the training sessions that your candidates go through. You see how the products work first hand so you know what calibre of individual will be successful in this environment. It’s far more than just sending a CV or advertising a job.

"Working within a Talent Acquisition team gave me a great understanding of how busy and hard the role actually is. You commit to filling every role within a short timescale and importantly, you are accountable for ensuring the best candidates are selected for interview.  It is imperative you have the best recruitment agencies working with you and develop a strong partnership so that you can trust they are sending you the most relevant and suitable candidates.

"When I returned to agency recruitment, the experience I had gained working in house ultimately made me a better recruiter.  Many of my clients have partnered with me because I have that deeper understanding.

"Now, working at Nigel Wright, I find myself yet again working in an environment where I am surrounded and supported by so many inspiring people. Their values are very similar to mine which in turn, fit impeccably with the values of this business. I can truly say that Nigel Wright is the best business I have ever worked for. I have the flexibility to work the way I need to for my family and lifestyle. This is a great inclusive business, and I am very proud to be part of this collaborative team."

Interested in joining our team?

If you’re interested in becoming a Recruitment Consultant, we’d love to speak to you. Nigel Wright has been the preferred talent partner for the last 30 years and we are currently looking for Recruitment Consultants to join our team as part of our growth ambitions. Find out more about us by visiting our careers microsite and visiting our internal vacancies page to apply for one of our roles.

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