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How clients feel

“The consistency of delivery and communication was excellent. It was a joined-up approach which made the process much simpler and contributed to its success. They worked closely together to give us different perceptions of Nordic based candidates in different countries.” 

Nordic Supply Chain Director


“You know the FMCG market very well and understands our corporate culture. This gives a good feeling for the right candidates. An open and trustful exchange has made every project a success.”

Talent Acquisition Manager


“The consultant had a good understanding of our needs, ambitions, its people and the importance of cultural fit. They also demonstrated impressive knowledge of the talent market in Malmo and Sweden. Overall, we're delighted with the outcome.”

Marketing Communications Director


“Extremely reliable - strong profiles - very customer-orientated – flexible. Gladly use again.”

Head of Talent Acquisition


“I want to thank you and your colleagues for a really professional and fast recruitment process. It resulted in 3 really good candidates.”   

Head of HR


“The service from Nigel Wright has been outstanding. The employees are professional and always ready to be at service, and the whole collaboration ran smoothly. Excellent approach to the assignment.” 

Chief Human Resources Officer


“I have worked with Nigel Wright's team for several years and I am always impressed with how their consultants can easily adapt to Groupe SEB. The level of communication is enormous. They speak our language and clearly understood our challenges - a genuine collaboration.”

Country Manager


"Great service, communication and dynamic interaction."

Commercial Country Manager


"The whole process was very smooth. Good communication between us and our consultant."

HR Manager


"It's imperative that the recruiter understand exactly what I am looking for and can help find candidates that perhaps even represent more than I knew I needed for the role. I'm extremely pleased with the result of our recruitment."

Global Manager, Demand Planning & Logistics


“Nigel Wright worked diligently. Despite the challenging job market that extended the search beyond its original scope, Nigel Wright never gave up. In the end they succeeded – well done!”

Global Sales Director


“The whole process was made very easy by the professionalism of the team. And I have to say that the consultant's communication in keeping us updated, has been fantastic. I have done a lot of recruitment over the years, but this has been the most organised and professional experience I have had.”

Sales Director

Salary Report

Sweden Consumer Salaries Report 2022

This report provides an analysis of salaries commanded by professionals across Sweden in 2022

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