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Nigel Wright's Nordic Consumer Sector Salary Report 2019 now available to download

The 2019 Nigel Wright Group Nordic Consumer Sector Salary Report is specifically designed to provide you with an insight into the salaries, benefits and bonuses commanded by professionals within this sector.

Nigel Wright Group has earned a strong reputation within the consumer sector across Europe for providing a high-quality recruitment service that is built upon our industry knowledge. We consider it important to continue to bring you relevant, useful information that provides insight and interest.

This survey has been compiled from the responses of over 600 respondents who completed our online questionnaire in the last quarter 2018 as well as data from our own extensive database of candidates. The survey represents a cross-section of respondents with the following profile in the Nordics:

  • Consumer sub-sector: Food, Drinks, Ecommerce & Retail, Manufacturing, Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Home & Personal Care, Homeware, DIY, Toys & Children, and Warehousing & Logistics;
  • Male 73%, female 27%;
  • 43% were in their thirties, 38% were in their forties and 19% over 50;
  • 52% have been in their current position less than two years, 34% for between two and five years, and 14% for five or more years.

The first three parts of the survey focus on some general points of interest, such as levels of satisfaction, respondents’ motivation to change jobs as well as attitudes towards skill shortages and the qualities needed to succeed in the industry. This is followed by discipline-specific analysis of salaries.

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Nordic Consumer Sector Salary Report 2019

This report provides insight into the salaries, benefits and bonuses received by professionals in the Nordic consumer sector in 2019.

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