Candidats testimonials


"What better way to restart a professional project than a warm welcome, in beautiful premises, for constructive and forward-looking exchanges? Welcome to Nigel Wright Paris"


Alexandre Bertholus, Director of Spa Subsidiary, Be Relax





"The firm Nigel Wright offers a complete collaborative approach with the candidate who stands out from a conventional recruitment.The human dimension taken into account by the consultant allows a sincere and effective exchange.The questions are relevant, precise and they demonstrate a great knowledge sector concerned. "


Mathias Bozza, Marketing Manager, UGG Australia






"Candidate, I was contacted by Nigel Wright for an interview The consultant in charge of this research clearly explained to me the stakes of the job and the client's expectations in terms of personality and skills.

I felt through the consultant's comments that she knew her client very well and gave objective and precise information on the position of today and tomorrow.

Serious, professionalism and follow-up of the candidates are the 3 words that come naturally to my mouth to express my feelings towards Nigel Wright.

In addition, I was invited to a breakfast between professionals of my function. This moment of exchange and sharing allowed me to expand my professional network and keep in touch with some guests. "


Thierry Rigault, HR Director, Du Pareil Au Même





"A lot of fun working with the firm Nigel Wright who is very close to his candidates with a real personalized follow-up.

Their events are very qualitative and are an opportunity to make beautiful meetings "


Florence Kerevel Lenne, EX MD Morgan (Beaumanoir Group)





"I submitted my CV to Chloe from Sainte Marie, Senior Consultant at Nigel Wright, and she gave me an answer within a day.

I was impressed with the career and knowledge of the industry. Her support and enthusiasm has been fantastic and helpful. 

I would be happy to use Nigel Wright as a client and would like to recommend them to other professional candidates. "


Amanda Bard, Product Manager, Astellas Pharma

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