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La progression rapide de notre entreprise nous oblige à améliorer en permanence les services que nous proposons à notre clientèle interne et externe. En conséquence, la section Actualités n'a pas pour objet de publier chacun de nos communiqués de presse, mais plutôt de souligner ce qui nous semble important et susceptible de présenter un intérêt pour nos clients et notre personnel.

Competency Based Interview Questions: A Hiring Manager's Guide

July 19th 2018

Competency based interview questions are said to be the most effective way to determine whether a candidate is suitable for a role, but are they always relevant?

How customer behaviour is accelerating augmented reality

June 29th 2018

Hollis approached the body. That wasn’t there. But was. Alberto was following her with the laptop, careful of the cable. This is the moment in William Gibson’s 2007 novel, Spook Country, when the characters approach the body of actor, River Phoenix..

New research points to traditional attitudes of Millennials

May 23rd 2018

The perception that Millennials reject traditional jobs and 9-5 lifestyles and instead seek out roles they can build themselves and align with personal interests is a common one, but does it accurately portray an entire generation?

Decentralisation at the heart of Stokke’s transformation

May 9th 2018

Stokke's recent success over the years doesn't mean their work is done. CEO Jacob Østerhaab states they still have lots to do as he strives for the company to achieve greater quality, grow faster and have a higher pace of product development.

Great Ideas for Building Your Employer Brand

April 12th 2018

This free whitepaper discusses the current 'problems' with work and how positive employer branding initiatives can help to address these issues. Real business case studies provide practical approaches on how to build your employer brand.

Sabbatical allows recruiter to pursue her passions overseas

April 5th 2018

Carina Hultgren, a Consultant in the Norwegian division at Nigel Wright, shares her experiences of continuing her charity work overseas thanks to an offer of extended leave.

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2019 - Euromonitor International Report

March 21st 2018

Euromonitor International's report considers the top 10 global consumer trends that will reign around the world in 2019.

Strong year for Nigel Wright Group

December 22nd 2017

Nigel Wright Group, the international recruitment consultancy headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, completes 2017 with a record breaking year of strong performance. The calendar year started with an all-time high January and records continued to...

Conscious leadership driving inclusive culture for sustainable change

December 7th 2017

Women's International Networking Conference 2017 In September 2017, almost 600 delegates from all corners of the world came together in Oslo for the global WIN (Women’s International Networking) Conference. Now in its 20th year, WIN promotes itse...

Consumer Focus Magazine: Global consumer insight, news and interviews

November 27th 2017

Our ninth edition of our Consumer Focus magazine is now available to view online. It is dedicated to the markets we serve across Europe and beyond and provides global consumer insight, interviews and news. In this issue, we catch up with senior e...

Flintlock offer ‘outside in’ consulting spark to consumer brands

October 17th 2017

Established in 2014, Flintlock is “an active marketing consultancy” according to owners Tasha Gladman and Graham Appleyard, whose teams “work from the inside, roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty.”

Beam Suntory: merging and decentralising closer to consumer buying behaviour

September 19th 2017

Beam Suntory discuss how having commercial leaders in-country lends itself to a better understanding of culture, trade environments, legislation and consumer buying behaviour to build stronger and more profitable relationships with distributors.

Emerging middle class fuelling KMC’s international growth

August 22nd 2017

Established in 1933, KMC is a Danish farming cooperative owned by three independent potato starch factories based in Toftlund, Brande and Karup.

JYSK expansion with tighter logistics control

July 7th 2017

Retailer, JYSK, is a Danish success story. Since its humble beginnings in 1979, the purveyor of Scandinavian living — and one of the largest distributors of duvets, mattresses and garden furniture in Europe — has enjoyed worldwide expansion...

Former Just Eat VP turned angel investor discusses his entrepreneurial career

June 30th 2017

Rasmus Wolff, 44, is the former VP and Chief Development Officer at Just Eat, the food delivery service that turned the industry on its head when launching in the UK in 2006. The £4.5bn market cap business, originally founded in 2001 and ‘tested’...

Skin care brand eos aims big after Nordic re-launch

June 15th 2017

With over 50 million consumers worldwide, eos – an acronym for Evolution of Smooth - has taken the health and beauty industry by storm. Founded in 2007, its journey began with a desire to avoid the traditional narratives of the beauty industry...

Petit Bateau uses brilliant viral campaign to attract new talent

June 8th 2017

Founded towards the end of the 19th Century, Petit Bateau has always combined high-quality craftsmanship with great marketing to win the hearts and minds of consumers. Though while the company continues to enjoy commercial success around the world...

Les dernières tendances de l'emploi dans le secteur des biens de consommation et les niveaux de satisfaction des employés suite à une enquête de Nigel Wright Group

May 19th 2017

Bienvenue dans l’étude réalisée par Nigel Wright Group sur les salaires dans le secteur des biens de consommation français en 2018. Cette étude a été spécialement conçue pour vous fournir des informations sur les salaires perçus par les...

Harman: Revolutionising change in audio equipment markets

April 6th 2017

In 2012 Carsten Olesen was appointed GM & VP of Harman Lifestyle in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This challenge, based at Harman Lifestyle’s EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam, he explained, was his biggest yet.

Short-term thinking undermining much needed innovation in the food and drink sector

March 31st 2017

The latest rankings in the Brand Finance ‘Brand 50’ report show a food and drink industry struggling to cultivate new ideas and products, which will enable them to gain an advantage in a changing market.