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Nigel Wright has a track record in providing a fast, responsive and effective service covering all forms of recruitment including interim, permanent, search and contingency solutions - roles for the executive board room across roles throughout an organisation's administrative functions.

We help organisations overcome the challenge of identifying and attracting high quality talent to support succession planning and work hard to manage candidates’ expectations throughout an assignment, including the offer stage and subsequent contract negotiation, and are skilled at reducing the risk of successful counter offers.


undefinedDatabase and advertised search

Our database and advertising search solutions enable us to quickly identity candidates that meet your specific requirements, reducing timescales as well as costs.  This service can be utilised for roles at all levels and is often most successful when a particular position is clearly defined, or of a particularly high profile, where advertising will likely produce a good response. We have a first class CRM system as well as established relationships with all of the best and most relevant local and national newspapers and trade publications. We can also take advantage of a range online tools, including social media, CV search sites and job boards to raise awareness of your opportunities to a wide range of potential applicants.


undefinedPreferred Supplier Solutions

Preferred supplier relationships are an inevitable result of a competitive marketplace, with high demand for talent and demanding commercial objectives to achieve. In this regard, Nigel Wright's approach is one of mutual partnership, rather than one size fits all. Arrangements are developed in collaboration with the client to ensure the optimum service, results and satisfaction are achieved. This approach also gives the client total transparency and confidence with regards to our capabilities, providing a tailored approach for mutual benefit rather than an off the shelf, one size fits all solution.


undefinedContract and temporary staffing

The professional contract and interim management market has continued to grow and evolve; fuelled by market demand during the past decade. We are able to support clients’ professional contract requirements via Nigel Wright Employment Services. Given the international nature of the industry, Nigel Wright has also established links with international advisory bodies to support our clients’ needs to place contractors globally in line with business requirements.




undefinedCampaign management and marketing solutions

Whether a client is launching a new division of their business, setting up a new project delivery team or expanding into a new geography, Nigel Wright is able to offer vital support during what is an extremely pressurised scenario. Utilising our recruitment and market expertise our customers outsource their requirements to a skilled team of professionals. By investing time at the briefing stage, we collaborate with clients to understand their needs and determine the specific solutions, providing advice regarding suitable methods, processes, potential challenges and pitfalls. Working hand in hand with the client, Nigel Wright develops solutions with clearly defined milestones to ensure client expectations are managed and delivered.


undefinedTalent mapping and talent partnerships

In support of our clients’ future business plans, Nigel Wright offer a robust talent mapping and succession planning service. Our sector expertise across the world means that we can provide our clients with an in-depth analysis of how their organisational capabilities compare to others in the sector. We can then use our extensive networks to help our clients plan for the future, by identifying the right talent internally and externally for their business.

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