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Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2019 - Euromonitor International Report

Euromonitor International's report reviews emerging fast-moving trends we expect to gain traction in the year ahead, providing insight into changing consumer values and priorities and exploring how consumer behaviour is shifting and causing disruption for business globally.

If there is a common thread linking 2019's top 10 global consumer trends, it is intelligence. How we live is so centrally dependent on the choices available that the biggest issue we face is how to make sense of it all. Simplifying your options, having smooth purchasing experiences, being mindful and ultimately opting out altogether are all intrinsic.



The full list of the top 10 global consumer trends are as follows:

1. Age agnostic - The boundaries of old age are shifting as people live longer and take better care of their health, appearance and wellbeing. Age Agnostics no longer have a passive attitude towards ageing, and this is especially true in wealthier developed countries with decent healthcare systems and social conditions.

2. Back to basics for status - Consumers are rejecting the mass-produced and generic and in 2019 will favour products positioned as simplified, back to basics and of better quality, with an implied level of status. 

3. Conscious consumer - Conscious Consumers are mindful consumers, seeking out ways to make positive decisions about what they buy and look for a solution to the negative impact consumerism is having on the world. 

4. Digitally together - Over the last decade, technology has evolved from facilitating communication to enabling multi-dimensional interactions and collective experiences. This evolution will continue to shape how we connect and collaborate with our friends, colleagues and, increasingly, strangers - creating and experiencing things Digitally Together while we are apart.

5. Everyone's an expert - In an era where everything is available at the touch of a button, consumers now consider hyper-availability as the normal baseline for their research and shopping.

6. Finding my JOMO - The need for finding their JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) sees consumers reducing their time online or cutting down on their social engagements, in favour of real-life experiences which they no longer feel compelled to share on social networks. 

7. I can look after myself - The focus of this consumer-driven trend is on preventative, consumable measures against illness, unhappiness and discomfort, that people can take without having to consult a professional.

8. I want a plastic free world - The push for a plastic-free society has gained momentum over the past 12 months, and in 2019, consumer desire for a plastic-free world will grow

9. I want it now! - Consumers are as busy as ever. They are beginning to expect more from companies and want products and services delivered as quickly and simply as possible.

10. Loner living - One generation is redefining the trend of living alone—older generations. This cohort of single later lifers (typically 50+) is typically wealthier and, while some have been single their whole lives, many are divorced or widowed and may have adult-age children


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