Untapped opportunities for Wearable Technology in the healthcare and industrial sectors

Nigel Wright caught up with Pedro Diezma: author, explorer, motivational coach and technology innovator, to talk about the role his firm Zerintia is playing in the development of cutting edge Wearable Technology. He also chats about his passion for personal development and his adventures in Mongolia searching for Genghis Khan’s tomb.


For the interested layman, could you briefly explain what ‘Wearable Technology’ is?

Wearable Technology is the term used to describe the various accessories and garments you can buy that, when your wear them, capture your biometric data or enhance your ability to perform a particular task.  Wearable Technology has actually been around for many years – take the calculator watch, for example, launched in 1980 – but the latest Wearable Technology craze began around three years ago when Google developed its first Google Glass prototype. Today there are a growing number of exciting products in the market and the pervasiveness of this technology, I believe, shows that people are embracing a future where technology has effectively become an integral part of their natural environment. 


What role does Zerintia Technologies play in this burgeoning market?  

Zerintia is a recognised global expert in Wearable Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). Launched ten years ago, our firm has built its reputation through the development of bespoke Wearable Technology solutions, including devices and software add-ons, for companies operating in the healthcare, industrial, retail and logistics sectors. We also offer additional consultancy services to firms seeking to leverage the broad range of Wearable Technology solutions available today. At the heart of our business is innovation - we are passionate about technology and enjoy experimenting with and improving our solutions every day. Regardless of the type of solution we bring to market, our aim is always twofold; improve the life of individuals and help organisations become more efficient through the optimisation of business models and processes.


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