Top 100 Megabrands - Euromonitor International Report

Euromonitor International’s megabrands report is a ranking of the top 100 most successful fast-moving consumer goods ( fmcg) brands worldwide. In this report, fmcg encompasses packaged food, soft drinks, beauty and personal care, consumer health, tissue and hygiene, home care, hot drinks and pet care. Each of the brands making it into the top 100 qualifies based on their retail sales value for 2017.

While several major brands have maintained their ranking for some time, the balance across the list is shifting. People’s attitudes to health and premiumisation are evolving and brands that cannot meet new realities have lost out. Changes in how people research and shop online are having a profound impact. Also, the importance of different regions of the world has changed for many of these megabrands, raising the question of where companies should focus their resources most effectively.



The Megabrands: Top 100 Ranking

This is a list of the top 100 global fmcg megabrands. This also shows each brand's value in USD billion, the brand's fmcg category and the brand's position change compared to 2014's data (if the brands ranking improved, worsened or didn't change).


Key Megabrand Categories

  • Packaged Foods: 41% of megabrands are packaged, a higher percentage than for any other category.
  • Beauty and Personal Care: Exactly one-quarter of the megabrands are beauty and personal care brands. It is the second most represented category in the list.
  • Soft Drinks: Just under one in five (18%) of the megabrands are soft drinks brands. It is the third and last category to have over five brands in the top 100.
  • Other: Just 16% of the megabrands are not packaged food, beauty and personal care or soft drinks brands.


Spotlight on the Top 10 Megabrands: This is a more in-depth look into the top 10 global megabrands.


Conclusion on the Issues the Megabrands are Facing

The consumer turn against sugar has had a significant impact on the megabrands. While the top two brands on the list — Coca-Cola and Pepsi — are unchanged in rank from 2014’s data, they have both had challenging years and now face a more difficult future. The impact on soft drinks brands further down the table has been largely negative. Similarly, packaged food brands — the most numerous in the megabrands list — are also facing new challenges. The backlash against sugar is a factor, but so is the increasing demand for snacking and eating throughout the day, significantly affecting some megabrands.


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