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Core Competencies

Core Competencies

Nigel Wright has experienced continued growth for nearly three decades by developing and honing five core competencies that act as the foundations of our business:


undefinedCustomer Service

Nigel Wright is committed to offering outstanding customer service across all of its markets. Collecting valuable customer data gives us a strategic advantage in the marketplace by allowing us to identify any issues and then make immediate improvements, across all areas of our business.


undefinedPeople and Culture

Our reputation is built on the direct actions of our people, whom we allow to operate with independence and in their own style. They make us a secure, socially responsible and sustainable organisation of international acclaim, as well as a great place to work.


undefinedKnowledge and Expertise

Beyond the hiring process, we regularly publish thought leadership reports and organise events focused on a range of issues and trends that are impacting businesses. We believe that our sector knowledge and industry experience is what helps to stand us apart from our competition.


undefinedMarketing and Brand Equity

We invest a significant amount of time and money in marketing support. The objective of this is to drive awareness and understanding of our unique service and position in the market and set a level of expectation in the minds of our customers as to what they will experience from us in terms of capability and service levels.


undefinedOne Global Nigel Wright

Since its formation, Nigel Wright has become a leading specialist international recruitment company. We pride ourselves on being truly global and operate as one business, utilising our network of offices to assist customers in every continent.